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SPIRIT Studio is a physical training studio that combines a variety of classes at different levels, within small groups and providing personalized treatment.

Everyone has the goals they want to achieve. At SPIRIT Studio we will know how to professionally direct you to work more accurately, healthier and more correctly for your body.

We at SPIRIT Studio believe that the road is just as important as the goal and puts the emphasis on the nature of the training and transfers it through a wide range of accessories, creativity and exercise diversity.


Training in small groups gives us the ability to give each person personal attention, emphasis and guidance, to be more attentive to your body and to make the journey a challenging and enjoyable experience.


The studio is managed by Sivan Zukman and Tali Fomin.


Invite you to join the SPIRIT family and enjoy training in a unique, challenging and creative atmosphere, accompanied by a professional, attentive and dedicated training team.

SPIRIT Studio - Achieve the Goal. Loving the way


About us

Tali Fomin

Practiced in the field of physical training and training, since 2008. Specialized in Pilates, gym and personal trainer. A qualified therapist in reflexology and neuropathy. Developmental assistant for toddlers aged 0-3 months. Comes from the world of dance and movement, a physical training instructor in her military service. Owns a former Body and Soul studio.

Sivan Zukman

Has been in the field of physical training, since 2010. Graduated from the Israeli Kickbox Federation, aerobic instructor, Pilates trainer and personal trainer. Comes from the world of dance and movement. Taught in Holmes Place and select studios in the Northern Region.



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